Collaborative Primary Care

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Collaborative Primary Care

About Collaborative Primary Care

Collaborative primary care integration works  by adding  psychiatry to provide complete holistic health care.  At PivotCare Precision Psychiatry, the team of board-certified nurse practitioners and LICSW's closely collaborates with many  primary care providers. 

When you’re struggling and asking your PCP what to do , mention PivotCare and we will make sure that we coordinate with your MD/NP. A collaborative primary care approach can ensure you get the right treatment by pivoting your goals to the life you deserve. Call the Duxbury or Hingham, Massachusetts office or use the online scheduler to request a telehealth or office evaluation now.  

Collaborative Primary Care Q & A

What is collaborative primary care?

Collaborative primary care is a joint effort between your primary care physician the one who manages most of your medical needs and your psychiatric care specialist at PivotCare Precision Psychiatry. 

This collaborative care model is an integrated approach that seeks to make health care more convenient and accessible for people struggling with mental and behavioral health. 


When is collaborative primary care needed?

Collaborative primary care is helpful for anyone having mental health difficulties because it helps you get the care you need quickly. Some of the needs that collaborative primary care can help manage include: 

  • Post-stroke care
  • Post-heart attack care
  • Steroid-induced mania and rage
  • Thyroid disease, including side effects like thyroid mania
  • Lyme disease 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Substance use disorder

Primary care providers can recognize the warning signs of mental health disorders and mental health side-effects due to disease and send you to PivotCare Precision Psychiatry for help, with no waiting for a referral. 

How does treatment work in collaborative primary care?

Collaborative psychiagtric care starts with a comprehensive evaluation, your first  appointment that’s essentially a consultation to see if you and your PivotCare mental health care provider are a good match. After that initial visit, you’ll meet for a follow up   to discuss your diagnosis, needs, and goals and set up and agree upon a treatment plan, this can include pharmacologocial and non pharmacological treament recommendations.

PivotCare Precision Psychiatry uses an innovative precision psychiatric approach. The practice’s leading-edge, evidence-based methods assess your needs and ensure a treatment plan that’s uniquely your own with timelines and outcome measurements. 

In precision psychiatry, your genetics, lab and lifestyle, history , medical  and environment  are all part of treatment planning.  PivotCare's Precision psychiatry approach customizes your psychiatric care using detailed biopsychosocial information. For example, blood tests (pharmacogenetic testing) can actually predict how a medication will work for you, even before you take the first dose. 

Precision psychiatry can significantly customize your mental health care, which has both mind and body benefits. 

Throughout treatment, your mental health care provider continues collaborating with your primary care provider, ensuring that you continue to get optimal whole-person care and prevent new health problems.

You’ll continue seeing your primary care provider for all your non-mental health needs. 

Collaborative primary care makes it easy to get a referral and get started on your mental health recovery plan. Contact the PivotCare Precision Psychiatry office online or call in to book a consultation now.